Motion Work

Michael Nyffeler Photography

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Producer: Stephanie Ross

Cameras: Michael Nyffeler, Dave Thatcher

Art & Styling: Molly O’Connell & Sierra Voss

Photo Team: Dylan Osborne, Meg MacDonald, Chelsea Sherman, Dena Stewart, Jenna Farrester

The Buckle Inc 2010 Fall Photoshoot filmed on location in Brooklyn, NY

DP, Camera & Editor: Michael Nyffeler

2nd Camera: Chais Meyer

Client: Bluckle Inc

Downtown Denver Walgreens Wall Mosaic production. Three days of shooting time lapse photography and video with over 10,000 images in totol. The mosaic itself consists of portraits each individually hung to create the piece.

DP, Camera A & B: Michael Nyffeler

Camera C: Keith Enockson

Client: Walgreens / Agency: Street Factory Media