A Little History:
While living in New Zealand in ’06, my point-and-shoot camera was stolen from my car. Window broken, in the rain, and I was crushed. Very quickly I realized how important photography was in capturing the everyday mundane yet important moments that define my life. A desperate feeling followed me wherever I went; that I needed to capture each day as something special. I didn’t want to lose something I couldn’t get back. It was a this point in my life I understood the immeasurable value of photography in each of or lives.

Having a camera in hand, no matter where in the world I am, puts me in many gratifying situations, sometimes dangerous, with amazing people, and in the most beautiful places on Earth. I’m often asking myself, how the hell did I ever get here?

Over the years, photography has taught me how to pay attention and listen. Keeping my ears and eyes open allows me the ability to understand issues on a personal level – to see though the stereotypical walls – and has powerful implications for creating an image or video. Photography as a medium, art form and a narrative convey who I am and how I see the world. I’ve always been drawn to storytelling visually therefore, photography is the perfect vehicle for the storyteller/artist. The simplicity of a single image can have a million unique meanings— allowing each person’s curiosity to form their own perspective about the message, (i.e. Steven McCurry’s Afghan girl; what is her story? Where is she now?).

My goal is create quality work that I can be proud of and that ads something positive to the world. In my spare time I enjoy: cooking with fire, guitar playing, running, cycling, playing Frisbee with Jake and Doughnut (our dogs), and reveling in my girlfriend’s love.

For me, to move is to learn. Many of the techniques Ive learned through photography is though emerging into a project and growing along the way. Trial and error, and jumping into the water head first is my kind of learning experience. If its true that photography can capture what people find hard so say, I think the process also helps the discover things about the world they find hard to learn from a book. This is how I want to live every day, and I love this idea.


The wonderful/tragic thing about beautiful moments is that they are gone as fast as they came. Drifting away like a feather in the wind…and we can do nothing to stop it, only appreciate the beauty for what it was and put the memory in our headdress of feathers. A picture captures the moment visually, but its much much harder to capture the feeling of that beautiful moment. Im glad they dont last forever because we would soon forget what that feeling is like…

Published in or worked with:
Nissan – Innovation for Endurance, 5280 Magazine, Archrival Marketing Agency, Nebraska Life Magazine, StarTribune Minneapolis, Third Wave Productions, Air Fresh Marketing Agency, AEG Productions (Mile High Music Festival), University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Hartford (Maryland) Observer Magazine, Hastings College, Group Magazine (London), Kearney Hub, EFCA TouchGlobal DRC, Water For Life Haiti – There’s more over here:

The future belongs to the smart, talented and adaptive photographers who will take the effort to search for their labor of love (legacy work) and make grow it into something bigger than themselves. So I’m continually searching for inspiration, guidance, and practical/actionable information on how to live a truly fulfilled life.

Preferred reading:
– Anything by Seth Godin
– The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson
– The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton
The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau