New Work: Hyundai NFL Kickoff – Welcome to the big show

As with any seasonal billion dollar industry, the only suitable way to get the revenue machine rolling again would be a 2 day festival in the heart of the current champion’s city. Then broadcast it live to the 25 million eyeballs all over the globe. That’s what came to Civic Park a few weeks ago and I was fortunate enough to be part of the party. Shooting the NFL’s Kickoff festival for Hyundai’s sponsorship, I was close and personal with a few retired Bronco legends as well as a few stars of the musics industry – namely Dierks Bently and OneRepublic. Above are a few selects from the OneRebublic show which went on live TV before the season opener kickoff. It wouldn’t be a proper NFL celebration without the confetti.

Postcards from Earth: The Castle Lost Creek Wilderness Colorado

The Castle Lost Creek Wilderness Colorado

From my hammock, I wandered near Buffalo Creek Campground to grab a few shots of The Castle (9,691 ft) before the end of the day. The lingering and more colorful sunset was thanks to fires burning in New Mexico, bringing a smokey atmosphere. The haze filled the valleys while peaks rose up out of the mist and were tipped with reds and oranges. A great way to spend a few days with friends out in the Rocky Mountains!

On Tour with the LG G5

A few months ago LG and Match Marketing Group launched a new smartphone by way of a 26 city cross-country tour. Stopping by various NFL and MLB stadiums with cheerleaders, drumlines, mascots, and entertainers added to the experience — all to learn and test capabilities of the G5 – LG’s new flagship smartphone. I was invited to demonstrate new features in photography technology by venturing out in unique situations (enter cheerleaders) and capture the experience with the phone. My goals were to educate the invited guests to think about what makes a good photo, and to engage with their subject(s) while enjoying the process.

G5 Specs:
-3 lenses including a 135º wide angle camera      -Modular camera grip & battery system      -Manual controls (3200 ISO, 1/2000fps – 30sec, f/1.8, white balance)
-16MP sensor plus RAW (.dng) capabilities          -Android 6.0 Marshmallow                        -4GB RAM & expandable microSD support

I love the wide angle advantage, both for the added space when shooting tight indoor locations and expanding the landscape of outdoor scenes. After shooting all day, I can swap a fully charged battery in thanks modular design. I am happy with where LG is going on the photo side, although the video mode offers much to be desired (no manual, high noise). All in all, I am excited for where the future of mobile photography is moving with the newest addition by LG.

All images by yours truly, with the G5.


The Gift of Life and Death

the gift of life and death

It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer. Thinking about life going on without them is harder. But the hardest thing I think is the choice to end the suffering even when you want to fight and make things better again. It’s in our nature to preserve the gift of life for as long as possible but a quality life is much more than just one surviving, and there are times when the end of life is also a gift. I saw a vibrant life fade into a shadow of its former self, overcome by cancer and internal bleeding that was too much for an old body. She let us know it was time. And now the living live on to love again, remembering her gift.

This photo was taken the morning after an ultrasound confirming that the cancer had spread and we only had a few days left. For 12 years they’ve laid together like this during lazy mornings, one just happy to be with the other. This day was the last lazy morning they had together. 

New Work: Denver’s Changing Skyline


Climbing to the top of a self standing metal structure high over a construction site may be a definition of a nightmare for some, but for me, its just another day at the office…which is why I love my job. A few weeks ago on a clear summer evening we made our way up a crane with a mission to document the ever changing Denver skyline – with permission of course. The previous ventures created some great imagery (1 & 2) atop the crane that created the Platform building when it was just a square hole in the ground. Now it’s a beautiful apartment building standing next to the brand new Union Station platform. This is the view I wanted to capture on this climb – and I really like the outcome!


Twilight Temple Wallpaper


This wallpaper download is from a time that almost seems like a dream in my memory – my first exposure with Thai Buddhist temples. The innate ornamental dragon designs, bright colors, and golden umbrellas greet you as you walk into the main courts. There were monks in their orange robes reading, chanting and just hanging out being young adolescent men. Buddhism dominates Thai culture (94% of Thais find themselves in the Buddhist camp), and it’s fairly obvious when there’s a temple on every corner.

I remember on this night, we were walking home from another amazing evening of Thai food inside the walls of the ‘old city’. Off the side of the road, a temple behind some trees seemed like a secret to the other tourists and expats that frequent the area. It’s one of those places in a city that’s so close most people overlook it (which we did numerous times). Maybe it was the light shining just over the bell-shaped stupa or the shadows falling off the carved dragons (for the nāga deity). But this time it caught our eyes. I think some places can only be discovered at a certain time of day – when the light is long and soft and things become either bathed in a warm glow or dipped in a shadow of mystery. This is one of those places in my memory.

Image info: Canon 5D mk2, 16mm @ f/10, 1/60 sec exposure

 Twilight Temple – Chiang Mai, Thailand — [download id=”91″] / [download id=”92″] / [download id=”93″]

Sadhaka, Rain or Shine

 A rainstorm moved in as students practiced outside during a music and yoga festival in Loveland, Colorado

Sadhaka [sah-duh-kuh] is a Sanskrit word meaning a student who strives for a goal. In the ancient Indian religions of Jainism, a sādhaka is someone who follows a particular sādhanā, or a way of life designed to realize the goal of one’s ultimate ideal. Whether you believe in setting New Years resolutions or using every day as an opportunity to set goals, may this next year be one of milestones in the continued pursuit of your ultimate ideal self.

Photo info: A rainstorm moved in as students practiced outside during a music and yoga festival in Loveland, Colorado