On Tour with the LG G5

A few months ago LG and Match Marketing Group launched a new smartphone by way of a 26 city cross-country tour. Stopping by various NFL and MLB stadiums with cheerleaders, drumlines, mascots, and entertainers added to the experience — all to learn and test capabilities of the G5 – LG’s new flagship smartphone. I was invited to demonstrate new features in photography technology by venturing out in unique situations (enter cheerleaders) and capture the experience with the phone. My goals were to educate the invited guests to think about what makes a good photo, and to engage with their subject(s) while enjoying the process.

G5 Specs:
-3 lenses including a 135º wide angle camera      -Modular camera grip & battery system      -Manual controls (3200 ISO, 1/2000fps – 30sec, f/1.8, white balance)
-16MP sensor plus RAW (.dng) capabilities          -Android 6.0 Marshmallow                        -4GB RAM & expandable microSD support

I love the wide angle advantage, both for the added space when shooting tight indoor locations and expanding the landscape of outdoor scenes. After shooting all day, I can swap a fully charged battery in thanks modular design. I am happy with where LG is going on the photo side, although the video mode offers much to be desired (no manual, high noise). All in all, I am excited for where the future of mobile photography is moving with the newest addition by LG.

All images by yours truly, with the G5.


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