The Gift of Life and Death

the gift of life and death

It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer. Thinking about life going on without them is harder. But the hardest thing I think is the choice to end the suffering even when you want to fight and make things better again. It’s in our nature to preserve the gift of life for as long as possible but a quality life is much more than just one surviving, and there are times when the end of life is also a gift. I saw a vibrant life fade into a shadow of its former self, overcome by cancer and internal bleeding that was too much for an old body. She let us know it was time. And now the living live on to love again, remembering her gift.

This photo was taken the morning after an ultrasound confirming that the cancer had spread and we only had a few days left. For 12 years they’ve laid together like this during lazy mornings, one just happy to be with the other. This day was the last lazy morning they had together. 

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