Twilight Temple Wallpaper


This wallpaper download is from a time that almost seems like a dream in my memory – my first exposure with Thai Buddhist temples. The innate ornamental dragon designs, bright colors, and golden umbrellas greet you as you walk into the main courts. There were monks in their orange robes reading, chanting and just hanging out being young adolescent men. Buddhism dominates Thai culture (94% of Thais find themselves in the Buddhist camp), and it’s fairly obvious when there’s a temple on every corner.

I remember on this night, we were walking home from another amazing evening of Thai food inside the walls of the ‘old city’. Off the side of the road, a temple behind some trees seemed like a secret to the other tourists and expats that frequent the area. It’s one of those places in a city that’s so close most people overlook it (which we did numerous times). Maybe it was the light shining just over the bell-shaped stupa or the shadows falling off the carved dragons (for the nāga deity). But this time it caught our eyes. I think some places can only be discovered at a certain time of day – when the light is long and soft and things become either bathed in a warm glow or dipped in a shadow of mystery. This is one of those places in my memory.

Image info: Canon 5D mk2, 16mm @ f/10, 1/60 sec exposure

 Twilight Temple – Chiang Mai, Thailand — [download id=”91″] / [download id=”92″] / [download id=”93″]

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